…not one, not two, but three! Three very adorable boys, full of energy and personality! Can you imagine how handsome they will be years from now?! They will be heartbreakers for sure! But for now, they are just as cute as can be. Adorable and full of spunk! And when I say “spunk” – I mean it! They are on the go, on the move, ready to rock & roll at all times! I’m not sure I’d have enough energy for three boys :) Mom & dad are truly amazing. Watching them with their boys is unforgettable! An absolutely gorgeous family!

  • Sue Miller What a Beautiful Family!!! I can't believe that Brad is all grown up! He is so handsome, and his wife is beautiful - it seems like it wasn't THAT long ago that Brad & Jennifer were little ones, too! The "BOYS" couldn't be any cuter - they look like little angels. God Bless Mom & Dad - they are going to need a lot of energy & patience for ever & ever with their darling sons!(05.29.2012 04:51pm)

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