…of love! I always love it when moms are surrounded by her babies, getting oodles & oodles of hugs and kisses! Life is so sweet! Especially when you have 4 adorable, silly, happy boys around! I had an awesome time hanging out with one of my favorite families ever :) When we get together it never really feels like an entire year has past–it’s just wonderful photographing amazing people whom have become dear friends!

  • Susan Julie - Thanks for capturing our family so beautifully. We love the pictures!(10.27.2014 10:30am)
  • mindy sakioka julie, WOW! another year of superb photos of the smith family! i love how you seem to capture the playfulness of each family member. mom, dad and boys - there's a lotta love going on!(10.27.2014 10:49am)
  • Melody Tokunaga Julie - Love to see how you capture the joy and love of all the kids. Absolutely wonderful photos - real treasures!(10.27.2014 02:39pm)
  • Meloni Hallock Great photos at an awesome location. Love the different looks, from fashionable ties to casual stripes and always with big happy grins!(10.27.2014 07:27pm)
  • Janie Corinne These are truly terrific photos - my favorite yet. I love how the love and delight shine through!(10.27.2014 08:33pm)
  • Kate Hallock Although your subjects are the best -- most handsome, beautiful, wonderful people ever -- you are an awesome photographer. Capturing those blue eyes every time is a skill!(10.28.2014 06:36pm)
  • Amy James Such happy photos! The kids are being kids and it is captured beautifully.(10.29.2014 12:32am)
  • Renee Walker These pictures are AMAZING (per usual!!). I have to admit, the family is even more amazing! I wish you weren't on the West Coast. If you are ever in MA, I would LOVE to have you photograph my son!!!! Your work is incredible!(10.29.2014 08:27am)
  • Betty Smith Great pictures--make grandma and grandpa PROUD!(10.30.2014 05:13pm)
  • Steven Smith Great pictures (as always)! Thanks!(10.31.2014 09:47am)
  • Karen McKay Such a beautiful family....you are truly blessed!(10.31.2014 02:58pm)
  • midori mits So much on my mind, I forgot to tell you again how much I love these beautiful photos. They are a mirror of the family I get to see regularly. Thanks for sharing.(11.10.2014 09:37am)
  • Dawn Stone Beautiful family, sharing a very special love and relationship!!(11.20.2014 05:07pm)
  • Claudia Starr Amazing photo shoot of a beautiful family. You can feel the love! We raised 2 boys and I can see that this family has "double the fun" that we had! Little boys are wonderful and it just gets better and better as you watch them grow. You capture those beautiful memories for them! Thank you for sharing!(11.20.2014 07:13pm)

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