…that’s the typical way my husband greets Emi. He calls her “Missy” – and so does my son. My nicknames for her include: Emi girl, Emi Reesey, baby girl & Em. I can hardly believe that she is 6 weeks now and weighing 9 lbs 9 oz. This girl loves to eat (unlike her bro, who always had a hard time eating). She also loves to sleep! Thank goodness :) She’s getting much better at tummy time these days and her hair is starting to grow back – she had cradle cap that started at around 11 days, and thanks to some Burt’s Bees Baby Oil, Bella B’s Organic Cradle Cap Shampoo & lots of brushing, it’s finally gone and the hair that fell out is coming back :) We actually had pro photos taken when she was 10 days old, right before the cradle cap started – so thank goodness for that! Now that she’s camera ready, I can keep sharing more pics! Here she is doing tummy time. I love her eyes….beautiful almond shaped peepers just like her brother (and daddy). I love her so much – these photos make me so happy :)

I also wanted to share some of my current must have baby items:
- Baby Connect iPhone App (Because what’s not to love about graphs on baby poo and nursing frequency? score!)
- Jewel’s “Lullaby” Album (Hello tears, makes me very weepy)
- Swaddle Strap – thanks to this lovely mommy. (Looks a little frightening, but it works!)
- Rocker (Folds so it’s easy to bring up and downstairs)
- Bassinet (So cute, and functional since Emi sleeps in our room)
- Tommee Tippee bottles (so daddy can feed while I’m at sessions) and WubbaNub Pacis (because they’re so cute)
- Mother’s Milk Tea (Really works! And tastes yummy)
Baby Monitor HD Camera & iPhone App (Uber cool. We use our iPhone, iPad & computer to view multiple cams at once all on one device instead of lugging multiple monitors around the house…perfect for when both kids are napping in different rooms)


It’s raining out right now! Time to go snuggle with my Emi girl and smell her sweet baby’s breath (I looooove). And take in all of her cuddly warmth. Sigh.

  • Ranee Kang Hello Missy! So cute! It'll be fun watching her grow up and her mommy is the best photographer. Lucky girl!(11.08.2011 12:05am)

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