If little sister Chloe is anything like her big doggy brother Gus, she will be a sleeping champion when she’s born. It was a complete riot to see Mr. Gus literally pass out on the bed. He was awake one second, then the next thing you know, he put his head down and started snoring! I thought it was hilarious and so cute at the same time :) I’m really, really looking forward to getting some super cute shots of Gus + Chloe together when she makes her debut, I know he will be a great model for our newborn session. Plus, look at that face – is he not the cutest thing? Awww, and look at how adorable mommy is – she has beautiful eyes and such a sweet smile – and that baby bump, it’s so cute! I’m looking forward to meeting their new addition very, very soon! She is going to be a beauty!

  • Robert, Maria & Katelyn We all are so excited for your family to grow and we just cant wait to meet lil Chloe!!! very cute pics.(07.20.2011 01:29pm)

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