…to look this gorgeous when I start my 3rd trimester of pregnancy! It seems as though I’m extremely lucky with maternity sessions because every photo shoot I’ve done recently has been with an absolutely beautiful mom-to-be! There’s really nothing more a photographer can ask for: Radiant mom, loving partner, beautiful home and breathtaking outdoor scenery. We had a lovely tropical oasis to work with – full of lush greenery, cool shade, rocks and water. Aaaand, a quaint, charming garden full of color and texture. Suffice it to say, I was smiling when I saw all of the beautiful areas to work with. I had a wonderful time….and I can’t wait to meet their baby in just a few months!

  • Carol Very pretty and special pictures!(05.26.2011 02:21pm)
  • Lisa Le Congratulations Sandy and Steve! These pictures are gorgeous, especially mommy-to-be! I can't wait to meet your little guy.(05.26.2011 02:24pm)
  • James Rhee Love the pics, Sandy!! They turned out great!!(05.26.2011 02:44pm)
  • Nancy These came out really nice, especially the ones with you in the purple.(05.26.2011 02:47pm)
  • Kelley Choe How beautiful and loving you both look. Sandy, you are so beautiful and even more so when you're pregnant. Congratulations Melnick family.(05.26.2011 03:02pm)
  • Lulu Auntie Trang OMG !!!! The pictures look amazing. You and Steve look so adorable together. My favorite one is you standing behind the water fountain cradling your tummy. You look beautiful Sandy. Tthank you for sharing. Hugs. =)(05.26.2011 03:11pm)
  • Beatriz Martinez These pictures are gorgeous. You're glowing. My favorite is the one where you are sitting (in purple) and looking down at your tummy. You are a beautiful couple. Congratulations!!!(05.26.2011 03:11pm)
  • Phil Congratulations on your new addition!!! The photographer took some great pictures. Best Wishes(05.26.2011 03:55pm)
  • Belinda Rock Such picture perfect! Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures and looking forward for more pictures at the arrival of the baby.(05.26.2011 04:18pm)
  • Lorraine Robertson The pictures came out so.... nice. Congratulations!!(05.26.2011 05:28pm)
  • Brownie You look very pretty Aunt Sandy!(05.26.2011 06:54pm)
  • Tammy WOW, you guys look so happy!. Sandy you look so beautiful in purple. See you guys soon.(05.26.2011 07:28pm)
  • david sr. Congratulations :)(05.27.2011 11:17am)
  • bryant chung Congratulations Steve and Sandy! Blue and purple go well with your tummy!(05.27.2011 11:27pm)
  • Brad Hi Sandy and Steve, The pictures are Beautiful!!! The group shot shows what a handsome family you will be. Sandy you are a beautiful Mom to be. Congratulations!!!(05.30.2011 05:52pm)
  • Jennifer Radcliff Congratulations!! Great pictures =)(06.08.2011 05:22pm)

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