…pick only one image to post, that is.  This beautiful family had such wonderful energy! They are just so full of love – and you can totally feel it in each of their images….

This one is my favorite. You can see just how much mommy and daddy adore their little girl:

  • Leah Wow Julie! Thank you!(04.27.2009 09:22pm)
  • Jennifer Pollon These pictures are AMAZING!(04.27.2009 10:36pm)
  • Jeremy these turned out great...can't wait to see the rest. thank you.(04.27.2009 11:07pm)
  • Patti Brown These are awesome! You've got a great eye, bravo! - PB(04.27.2009 11:34pm)
  • Vinita Salomé Lovely images! Love all the colours in it and the different perspectives!(04.28.2009 01:38am)

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