It’s hard being a newborn model. Since I shoot natural light, some newbies turn away from the window at first – but never has one actually attempted to cover their face! I thought this was just adorable :) more to come from this session!

  • Karen Stainner Aaaww...that's our shy girl...I can't wait to see the rest of the shots! Thanks so much for your patience with us through our newborn & no nap toddler household!! :)(04.26.2011 10:06am)
  • karen stainner Need more more more!!! Can't wait to see the rest and again, thanks so much for your patience and time with a chaotic newborn household and no naps from either child! (I thought I left this in a comment already but maybe I never sent it..? :-/ ) You are The Best!!!(04.27.2011 12:30pm)

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