…that a year from now, mom & dad will be buying milk in barrels for their FOUR growing boys! But I’m sure they’ll save lots in other ways since the new babies can wear all of their big brothers’ hand me downs! Very convenient :) I really can’t tell you how much I’ve been anticipating their arrival – I’ve been so lucky to have had the opportunity to photograph their family quite a few times since 2009. After our very first session, I had an amazing time photographing their entire family (over 30 people!) and then mom’s sister’s wedding….and of course a few other family sessions in between. So with the many sessions we’ve had and lots of time to hang out, I was more than a wee bit excited when I read mom’s email that they were both healthy, out of the nicu and headed home….and that I would finally get to meet them! And boy, they did not disappoint at all! They were just as cute as I knew they would be – and better yet, they were super sleepy for our session which meant lots of cozy, precious, newborn goodness. I really couldn’t decide which ones to blog, so this one’s going to be long!

  • Melissa Shelton What a beautiful family! Yet another amazing job. We are so lucky to have you to capture all of their precious little moments.(03.30.2012 04:51am)
  • Susan Hallock Julie - thanks for capturing this special time in our lives. It won't be long before the twins are big and we're looking back at these in disbelief of how little they once were. Thanks for the amazing pictures - Susan and all of the Smith boys!(03.30.2012 04:40pm)
  • auntie mindy sakioka you really captured all of them perfectly! LOVE these shots!!(03.30.2012 05:05pm)
  • Melody Tokunaga Absolutely beautiful photos of four precious treasures!(03.30.2012 06:18pm)
  • Leanne Victorine What gorgeous pictures! Especially love the ones of the twins cuddling :)(03.30.2012 06:59pm)
  • Renee Walker AMAZING pictures of such a GORGEOUS family. Your work is incredible.(03.30.2012 06:59pm)
  • Karen Stainner Gorgeous pictures of a beautiful family! You are amazing, Julie & Susan, I can't wait to meet your new baby boys!!(03.31.2012 02:30pm)
  • Meloni Hallock So, how do you do it? It's really magic! The photos capture the essence of all four boys and how they begin their journey together as brothers.(04.03.2012 05:37pm)
  • Liz Atherton Wow! I love these - each picture is so peaceful and serene. Perfect little Peas in a Pod!(04.03.2012 06:42pm)
  • Amy James I love seeing these pictures of my four cute nephews! I see very happy brothers in those photos.(04.04.2012 09:27am)
  • Monique Smith These boys add up to one big pile of cuteness! How lucky you are, Susan and Steve! And so are all of us who get to share their lives.(04.09.2012 08:12pm)
  • Gummy Awesome shots of the Smith boys! The twins and Griffin are adorable but I just love the joy shown on Brogan's face as he holds a twin. Looking forward to more.(04.12.2012 12:17am)
  • liz Thornton-White (friend of Gummy!) Sweetest baby and family photos I have ever seen. Beautiful... and so loving. You can actually see the love.(05.01.2012 12:10pm)

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