…in my bag so I can take him home! Hello, Mr. Dimples – you are just a handsome little thing, aren’t you? Not only was he just the cutest, but was so absolutely happy and smiley! I loved it, he had me giggling the entire session! How cute cute cute is he?

  • Jennifer Jacob's pictures are fabulous!! You did great job! Thank you!(04.28.2010 10:43pm)
  • Tamara Rivera So cute! But what else would you expect with such good-looking parents! Love you Jakey!(04.29.2010 10:14am)
  • Vivianne Ona He's absolutely adorable! Wow, I can't believe he's turning one already! Well, happy birthday Jacob! Thanks for sharing his photos...keep them coming! I think he likes having his pictures taken. All smiles, showing off his dimple what a cutie!(05.07.2010 10:05am)

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