…if I could look like this the next time I’m pregnant, I’d want to stay pregnant forever. I guess I wouldn’t be the only lucky one, I’m pretty sure my better half would be very stoked, too – a sight for sore eyes, indeed. I had an amazing time shooting this maternity session. Not only is Iris extremely beautiful, but she’s so so sweet & so so cute – especially when she smiles and laughs, adorable! She’s one hot mama-to-be!

Hello! She sooo rocked this pregnancy shoot – she was posing, moving, totally open minded to my ideas! When clients are open, it really maximizes the benefits of having a custom photography session. These are the types of sessions that get me hyped up – excited – inspired! This is why I LOOOVE what I do…getting images like these. I think I get just as excited as my clients do about the images from our photo session!

And wowsers – I don’t think I need to explain much for this image:

So, it may look like we took a trip to the mountains, but we were actually just down the street from her house. It’s a hidden Los Angeles gem :) I loooved the droopy trees, wildly overgrown plants….and to make it even better – the sunlight filtering through the trees as it set was perfection. It was ideal for me – a sun flare junkie – I just love sun flare any time and all the time…morning, sunset, and even at high noon!

More flare….and my intentional out of focus shot (thank you to amazing photographer, Michele, of PinkleToes who was my inspiration for this shot) – I just love how it creates a soft silhouette of her beautiful belly.

And what better way to end a maternity session than with a little break on the lovely green grass :)

  • Vicky Saenz Wow, my daughter looks amazing! Cant wait to see all the pictures.(02.27.2010 11:44am)
  • Sayra Absolutely captivating!!! Iris you look amazing. These images are truly priceless:)(02.27.2010 06:21pm)
  • Mariana Gonzalez You look gorgeous Iris! I can't wait for baby G's arrival! Love you!(02.27.2010 07:56pm)
  • Natalie Beautiful pictures Iris! I can feel the love you have for your little girl by the way the pictures capture your genuine emotions! :) xoxo(02.28.2010 10:10pm)
  • Tina Beautiful! The colors, the exposure, the flare......all of it gorgeous!(03.01.2010 08:35am)
  • Bernadette My niece inside your belly really makes you look amazing! I absolutely love your photo shoot. You look beautiful and I can't wait to see the final pictures.(03.05.2010 08:52pm)
  • Kristen & Audrey Our Auntie looks beautiful! We love her pictures and think she makes an amazing pregnancy model! Wow! We can't wait to see the rest!(03.05.2010 08:54pm)
  • Denise You look striking! Pregnancy suits you well.(03.06.2010 12:55pm)
  • Stacy Hot momma where on earth did you get your Red shirt I'm in love with it you are ADORABLE!!!(03.25.2010 09:44am)

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