I love her eyes and the feminine, long, delicate eyelashes that frame them.
I love her pretty pink rosebud lips, her drool…and spit bubbles.
I love how she sticks her little tongue out and tries to touch the tip of her nose.
I love her hair, so fine and soft, like threads of silk.
I love her tiny toes – and every little wrinkle and line that make them uniquely hers.
I love her chubby fingers and the way she clasps her hands together for 23 of the 24 hours in a day.
I love her ears, which she uses to pull and grab onto when she’s tired.
I love her button nose, and the way she nuzzles it in the crook of my neck when she’s falling asleep.
I love her plump cheeks, and how warm and yummy they are after a nap.
I love her smile, that melts my heart each and every time.
I love everything about her.



These are the things I don’t want to forget. Ever. With my son, I was so caught up in being a first-time mom…Trying to get him on a schedule, trying to remedy his sleeping troubles, his eating difficulties and everything else under the sun. But this time around, I really appreciate and bask in the beauty of every moment – taking things in stride. I don’t worry about “fixing” anything because really, there’s nothing to fix. I know that everything will take its own course in its own time. So I enjoy every minute. The night wakings, teething mood swings and everything else. Baby-ness fades away so fast, too fast. I want to remember her as she is now – so cute, chubby, perfectly squishy, in all of her baby goodness :) I want these things to be imprinted in my memory forever.

  • Gigi hi, my precious granddaughter. I luv all your mom's comments. you have made me the happiest Gigi on earth!! you are loved, your bro Andrew luv u, you are a lucky toddler. cannot believe you took 15 steps the other day, then you decided to crawl instead. great work Emi. Gigi & aunty Patty luv u @ your bro. Andrew!!!! lots of hugs & kisses!!!!!!!!(10.06.2012 02:38pm)
  • Gigi dear my grand baby daughter, i saw your pic today, your mom's comments put tears in my eyes. well written Julie. Emi is what u wrote. Luv all of u. hey Andrew, bring back, bring back, bring back my-----to me! luv u Drew, from Gigi(12.05.2012 02:34pm)

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