All of the ingredients for an amazing photo shoot were available when I photographed this lovely couples baby boy. We had a super sweet, sleepy, adorable newborn…A very organized, well-prepared mommy…A super helpful and loving daddy…Lots of big windows filling the rooms with beautiful natural light…and the icing on the cake was a heart warming sleep smile from our little model himself!

  • Nicki Wow!! Christine and Mark... Evan is gorgeous! He is the cutest little thing and we can't wait to meet him. He is beautiful and you all make a good-lookin' party of 3! Lovely, lovely photos.(08.26.2011 10:21am)
  • Nana I keep telling everyone I have the cutest grandson is the proof. Beautiful pictures!!!!(08.26.2011 04:47pm)
  • Lexee He's so precious! Love all of the pictures! You guys are such a cute family :)(08.26.2011 07:21pm)
  • Aunt Doris He is so cute! I can't wait to meet him(08.26.2011 08:12pm)
  • Rosie So glad Ray shared these. The three of you look so good together. Evan is beautiful, can't wait to go visit and meet him.(08.26.2011 09:15pm)
  • Pat He's beautiful. Oh excuse me He is so handsome. Congratulations!(08.27.2011 10:06am)
  • Alexis He is just gorgeous! So smart to get pictures taken!(08.27.2011 10:19am)
  • PAPA Evan...Dude, you have to cut back on the charm and good looks. You're driving the girls crazy. Papa will give you pointers later.(08.29.2011 09:56am)
  • Michelle Most of the time babies look like squidgy lumps and most people won't admit it. Evan is genuinely a really beautiful baby. With a beautiful mom. We love you Christine!(09.22.2011 10:28pm)

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