…if you think these beautiful twin girls are lovely, just wait until you see their baby sister. Scroll down a bit to see how cute she is! Baby sis has amazing blue eyes and a sweet ¬†little personality on her. And her big sisters were fun, energetic and totally on the go! They were also so, so cooperative – I will admit that thinking of photographing twin preschoolers does scare me a bit – but I had nothing to fear this time around because these girls were more than willing to hang out with me for some pictures! What an amazingly fun time I had chasing these girls around :)

  • Scott Julie, We love these photos of our daughters! Thank thank thank you for capturing our family!(03.06.2012 12:18pm)
  • Julie Julie, we can't thank you enough for the beautiful photos of our family, they are truly precious.(03.06.2012 05:24pm)

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