…since I photographed such a cooperative little newborn! Bradyn is such a content and happy baby. He stayed sleepy for the entire session – and I only saw his eyes one time.  And, get this – he didn’t “go” on my backdrops–now, that’s a rarity!  I really enjoyed this session….Bradyn is such a beautiful boy – with the cutest chubs and cheeks!

Look at mama – isn’t she pretty?!

  • Al Lewis What a great Baby!(07.03.2009 04:54pm)
  • robin helm what a beautiful family....congratulations to the huntleys!(07.03.2009 06:14pm)
  • Georgina Lewis What a beautiful family.(07.04.2009 04:29am)
  • Terry Huntley (Jeremy's Mom) What AWESOME pictures and what a GREAT looking family!! Can you all guess which two pictures are my favorite ones?!?!?!(07.04.2009 04:39am)
  • Richard Huntley He's going to be a fine angler. Love, Papa(07.04.2009 04:48am)
  • Auntie Suzy (hahaha) OMGOSH!!!! What sweet pictures. They remind me of Anne Geddys Pics. What a beautiful Family u have and he is just preciouse. Luv U guys. A.Suzy hee hee(07.04.2009 06:11am)
  • linda spada Let me guess... the picture with Jeremy holding the baby is your favorite. They are all really cute. I got choked up when I saw the family photo, it's so precious.(07.04.2009 03:03pm)
  • Aunt Carole This is Teri's dream come true !!!! What an absolute beautiful family !!!!! OK---you guys have to have 2 more to keep up with Darren. Love and congratulations to you all---------------(07.05.2009 03:18pm)
  • Jen Gonzales E, Your lil guy is a dream come true, absolute perfection! You and Jeremy do good work. God Bless your family. Love and Hugs from the IE - miss you! Jgon(07.06.2009 05:29am)
  • Vicki Dilley Darling photos of all of you, but especially of the beautiful baby boy. Erika and Jeremy, Bradyn is so adorable. Erika, I can't wait to see you and your precious little boy. Miss you too! Hope to see you soon. Love ya, Vicki Dilley(07.06.2009 03:24pm)
  • Aunt Lisa Jeremy & Erika, He's beautiful, just beautiful!!!! Tanner & I can't wait to babysit! I know you'll enjoy your son as I have with mine. It only gets better! Love you, Aunt Lisa(07.06.2009 04:19pm)
  • Favorite Auntie Josie and Favorite Uncle Steve Anderson What a precious little beautiful angel!! From Favorite Auntie Josie and (Uncle Steve in Spirit)(07.06.2009 11:58pm)
  • Allison Lewis Wow, now that is a good looking family :) I have the most adorable little nephew! I must say the pictures turned out great! love you guys!(07.07.2009 01:30am)
  • Maria Gallegos Precious baby and parents. Congratulations to you both for having been blessed with this beautiful child. God Bless.(07.08.2009 06:40pm)
  • Mary Ann Sy He is such an adorable baby. What a beautiful family... Congratulations!(07.08.2009 06:44pm)
  • Jered & Joy Thompson He is so handsome! We are so excited for you and can't wait to meet him in person. Congratulations! Jered & Joy(07.09.2009 02:28am)
  • Auntie Sally and Uncle Johnny Beautiful, Beautiful baby. All the photos are very special. Congratulations to you both and to little Bradyn for having such a loving family. Love you guys, Aunt Sally and Uncle Johnny(07.10.2009 12:35am)
  • Blueberry Sky Photography [...] get over what a huge, huge difference a few months make. The last time I saw little man, he was two weeks old. Now, he really looks like he’s at least 6 months (even though he’s only 4 months) - [...] (11.01.2009 02:54pm)

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