These three words are what I use to describe my favorite kinds of photo sessions. When things just happen, naturally. Nothing overly forced or stiff. Hooray for candid shots! Not to mention the cool location! Oh, and the super super adorable baby! How cute is he with his adorable little smile & gorgeous eyes?! I loved everything about this session! It makes me so happy when parents get just as excited as I do about thinking outside the box for some cool shots :) The first image has got to be a favorite of mine this year so far! Because I photograph moving subjects (kids), it’s not always easy or practical to bust out my tilt shift lens for a shot. I mean, it’s a manual focus lens, so any slight movement by the little ones means an out of focus shot. So this time, I was very happy when I realized that this beautiful family and perfect location would allow me to create an image like this! Love tilting & shifting! What an awesome, fun, energetic session!

  • Pat Cron Love the pictures. They are beautiful!(05.17.2013 10:37am)
  • Kelly Adorbs!(05.17.2013 11:52am)
  • bruce These are fantastic. I'm not saying that because you're my friends either. These are REALLY fantastic!(05.17.2013 12:06pm)
  • Lynette These pictures are beautiful and really made my day.(05.17.2013 12:42pm)
  • Emily Great pictures, that little blue dragon is something!(05.17.2013 01:09pm)
  • Robin These pictures capture a lot of love between you all! Wonderful pics.(05.17.2013 08:26pm)
  • Laura Love the Love and the smiles! Beautiful pictures!(05.18.2013 11:17am)
  • Kelsey I love how creative and unique these pictures are!(05.25.2013 01:33pm)
  • Rachel Beautiful pictures, beautiful family!(05.26.2013 01:41pm)

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