When you have your first baby, everything is new & exciting. You look at your newborn with such amazement and awe. So I can only imagine how much stronger these feelings are when you have a second child. Watching your first baby grow up to be an energetic toddler, then having a new baby must completely put into perspective how FAST they grow. What a blessing it must feel like to have a sweet little newborn in your arms again…savoring each moment because you know that in the blink of an eye, they’ll reach toddlerhood just the same. I think the experience only gets better with time…the deep appreciation…and ever growing love. What must be even more amazing is watching your first baby interact with your newest baby. THAT must be an indescribable feeling — that I personally hope one day to experience for myself – but for now, one toddler is filling my heart with love :)

This family was just a joy. Hilarious daddy, ever patient mommy, supportive & loving grandma, and sweet-affectionate big brother…The love here is so, so clear.

  • Deborah Whitby The photographs are truly beautiful!! It is very difficult to pick a favourite, as they are all fantastic and very sensitive images! Wonderful photographer!!(08.17.2010 10:09am)
  • margaret crouch I have never seen such beautiful pictures. Truly amazing photography.(08.17.2010 10:20am)
  • Sonia Gedge It's breathtaking how beautiful and fragile a newborn is, and these pictures capture that perfectly. You're an amazing family and it makes me so happy to know you!(08.17.2010 11:11am)
  • The Knox family Absolutely beautiful pictures!!! Many congrats you guys! We miss you!(08.17.2010 11:24am)
  • patricia Oh my God! So cute. You all look great! Jessica you look fantastic. Congratulations to all! What a proud big brother! Deb, could you please send me your phone number and address. Thanks and take care. Patricia(08.17.2010 11:49am)
  • Tania Rihar Truly Beautiful!!! I love all of the shots. Scott, Jessica, your children are absolute cutey petuties!!(08.17.2010 01:11pm)
  • Nana and Papa Absolutely beautiful pictures. We are so very proud of the beautiful grand children that we have and of Mom and Dad. We can hardly wait to see Rachel, Carson and Mom and Dad at the beginning of September in LA.(08.17.2010 04:49pm)
  • Carol and Ed These are the most beautiful photos we've seen of a family. Breathtaking. You all look so wonderful. Congratulations Scott, Jessica and Carson on the arrival of beautiful little Rachel.(08.17.2010 05:39pm)
  • Christine and Mike Wow!! These are wonderful photos, with beautiful people and the prettiest baby I've ever seen. Debbie you look great. Best wishes for health and happiness always. Congratulations to all of you.(08.17.2010 08:38pm)
  • Uta Sojat Congratulations Jessie, Scott, and Carson! Rachel is absolutely beautiful. Her blue eyes shine like little stars. But of course she is the star herself! Carson makes a wonderful big brother!(08.17.2010 08:41pm)
  • Ann & Gord Such great picture's. Rachel is just beautifull, and Carson!! such a big brother. We love the one with your mother, Jessica!!(08.18.2010 07:54am)
  • Ken & Irene Dear Scott and Jessica: What a beautiful and perfect family you now have. God Bless Love from both of us.(08.18.2010 10:31am)
  • Crystal Vogel These pictures are amazing...you must nail exposure everytime because the detail is just incredible. Cant wait for our session in Oct!!!(08.18.2010 10:37am)
  • Jennifer No words can truly describe how absolutely beautiful these pictures show every ounce of love in the family. The photos certainly capture a moment in time that will be keepsakes for a lifetime. Congratulations!(08.18.2010 07:02pm)
  • Barb and Bill Nice pictures. Big brother having fun. Mother and grandmother look quite rested.(08.18.2010 08:56pm)
  • Jon Whitby Our little Rachel is finally here, I prayed for a little girl, cause I know all the delight in growing up with a little girl as a daughter, our daughter Jessica. It is truly a miracle and the photos are a testament to the great work of the people involved.(08.19.2010 04:14am)
  • Amy, Nick and Josh Our million dollar family captured on film. Amazing pictures guys...I guess that's a combination of great models and a great photographer. You can feel the love through the screen...we're so happy for you...I had my heart set on a baby sister for Carson too! These pictures are bitter sweet...makes us miss you all so much more. Can't wait to meet Rachel and see you guys again. xoxo(08.19.2010 06:33pm)
  • Heather Stibbard Beautiful pictures, beautiful family, beautiful addition! Sending you all lots of love! Can't wait to meet Rachel and see you again soon. Loving you & Congrats!(08.19.2010 06:54pm)
  • Ricki-Lee Breathtaking photos. Your photographer did an amazing job to catch every natural moment! you guys all look beautiful. Carson photographs so well! his smile and laughs are so real, makes you feel like your right there in the moment. Great job. Congrats again! xo(08.20.2010 07:32am)
  • Dan Truly amazing pictures - thanks so much for sharing. You truly have a real princess there! Especially enjoyed the photo's of Rachel and Carson together. Those taken of Jessica, Rachel and her mother will be something to treasure for years to come. Can't wait until I can meet Rachel and see you all.(08.20.2010 12:10pm)
  • Judy and Ernie What fantastic pictures and what a beautiful baby! Carson looks so proud of his little sister! We all look forward to seeing you all again soon!(08.21.2010 12:35pm)
  • Ana Slack Scott and Jessica, congratulations on your baby girl, she is beautiful, a blessing. Wonderful pictures, thanks for sharing.(08.22.2010 07:26am)

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