…to have an even faster birth. Her last baby came fast, but this one came even faster! It really amazes me how much quicker labor & delivery tends to be when you’ve already had your first baby. All of the births I have photographed where mom is having her 2nd or 3rd baby have gone extremely fast. Although one would think that a fast labor & delivery is “better”, I think otherwise, as far as pain goes. True, it is less pain to have to endure as far as timing is concerned, BUT, because it is so fast, the pain is that much more intense (in my opinion). You figure that your body is working double time to move your baby down and the pain….unreal. Even with my 2nd baby, the labor & delivery were VERY fast. Like, eons faster than with my first…but man, the pain was much, much, much worse. Maybe because it was not gradual pain. It just hit like a ton of bricks at once and contractions came back to back to back. Right on top of each other. Eeek. My baby was a little over 6 pounds. So get this – this mommy’s baby was 9 pounds 8 ounces! Wow! Her 3rd baby. Extremely fast and intense labor & delivery. No meds, no intervention. All natural. I know, major, major, MAJOR big ups to her. What an amazing woman! Really! She is so strong…and brave. And, she is the sweetest, loveliest person you will ever meet. Lucky? Yes, I am really lucky to be doing what I do. On top of the incredible labor & delivery – her sweet baby had to go to the NICU when he was born. My heart sank for her because she just wanted to snuggle him and take in all of the amazingness of her newborn…but instead they wheeled him off to the NICU :( ┬áSo, when she told me he was finally home, I was beyond happy…such a relief knowing that he was better & getting to spend time with his mommy. Here is the story of her baby’s birth in photos :) I am humbled. I am thankful that they allowed me to document their unforgettable journey.

  • Jessica Oh my goodness!! I love birth photography....so much emotion pours out of these portraits! Gorg! :)(07.02.2012 06:55pm)
  • Dilip These are gorgeous. I love the cloors of the clothing and the hair and the field. I wish you would have shown the b&w pictures of the mama and baby big instead of small, because they are soooo beautiful! Awesome awesome beautiful!(11.28.2014 07:51pm)

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