…so, so, so wrong if I didn’t blog more images of this sweet boy. Not only is he just gorgeous at 7 months, but he’s a fantastic baby model. Those eyes, those lashes, and that pinchable baby chub is theee best!

He’s also got the cutest smile and jolly little laugh! I loooove babies at this age. Such a perfect time for a photo session. Seven months has got to be one of my faves!

I love these….the mountainy goodness in the background makes to happy :)

As the sun rose just behind the mountains, the morning dew and crisp breeze just overwhelmed my senses.  And then, when I saw this image in  my viewfinder, I let out a big sigh. I thought it was an indescribable moment I was capturing…the love, the feel, the surroundings, it was really breathtaking.

The entire photo session was awesome. I loved it! LOOOVED it!

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