…..I knew it, totally knew that she was going to be a beautiful one year old! When I photographed her as a newborn, she was the tiniest, sweetest little thing — and now, almost one year later, she’s still sweet – but she is also just gorgeous! Big brown eyes, soft curls, and a cute little smile :)

And look at her adorable little nose :)

She was such a wonderful model for our photo shoot. She definitely showed interest in my camera — and my camera looooved her!

And yes, her shirt says “Daddy’s Girl” — but she is absolutely a mommy’s girl, too! It really warms my heart when I watch mom’s cuddle and snuggle their babies – breathing in all of that sweet babyness — it’s a familiar feeling (my son is now two, but I still see him as my little baby) and his snuggles and kisses are enough to make me teary eyed.

….and of course, her shirt was accurate – she’s a daddy’s girl and always will be :)

It was so so so wonderful seeing this sweet girl again! Happy early birthday!

  • Sheri I love the pictures! Kaylin is beautiful. She really shows a mixture of both you and John. Love the flower field, I wish we had thoughs here...(03.07.2010 05:39pm)
  • tyler woo just awesome =] (03.08.2010 08:37pm)
  • Dolores Lugliani These are great of Kaylin. She is so beautiful. Great photos.(03.09.2010 03:36pm)
  • kimiko super cute!(03.09.2010 08:43pm)
  • Ardean Grgas the pictures are beautiful, kaylin is getting so big.(03.10.2010 09:53am)
  • Claire Jenn! I can't believe Kaylin is growing up so quickly! She's absolutely adorable! I can't wait to see and hear all of the amazing things Kaylin will do as a 1 year old, then 2 year old, then... All the best to you!(03.10.2010 08:29pm)
  • Kaylin's Mommy Julie! again you AMAZE me with your talent. My daughter looks absolutely heavenly! I LOVE the purple flower field pics and especially love her walking pics. Thanks again for capturing yet another milestone in our daughter's life. Kaylin ~ Happy 1st Birthday My Love. xoxo~ Mommy <3(03.11.2010 01:14am)
  • Barbara Okumura beautiful pics of my great-grand-daughter! Love, Oba-chan(03.11.2010 01:18am)
  • Kristina Kaylin is absolutely adorable- Loved the pictures!! Happy First Birthday Kaylin!! xoxo Love Tina & Chris(03.13.2010 10:49am)
  • Timmy Beautiful little smile from a beautiful little girl(03.19.2010 08:04am)
  • Grandpa Okumura What can I say, she is truly a grandpa's angel! To the photographer, Julie, you have done it again...thank you!(03.26.2010 07:43pm)
  • Jay Thanks OKI, She so Beautiful, great pictures. Best Regards, Jay(03.27.2010 10:28am)
  • Danny Mahalo Oki, great pix of grand daughter no wonder you are so proud of her.(04.04.2010 09:24pm)
  • Shawny Precious moments.......(05.03.2010 08:34am)

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