…when I walked into this sweet boy’s home, I was greeted by an entire family of loving uncles, grandmas & grandpas! I’d have to say that this was the most people I have had as an audience during a photo shoot of all time! It doesn’t surprise me one bit though, because just look at how adorable this little boy is. It’s no wonder why the entire family was present!

I don’t always get nice sleeping shots of babies at this age (around 2 months old), but he was such a fantastic sleeper — so I totally lucked out! He was completely okay with having his outfit changed while sleeping…all the while, maintaining this adorably sweet & content look.

And then, after some R&R, he decided it was time to wake up and check out all that was going on!

  • Cecilia Widjaja Lulu, I love it ...its adorable .. Bradley is such a beautiful baby like mommy ...he looks all happy and calm .. hehehe Julie, what a nice picture .. love all the colors .. I cant wait for our session in cpl weeks (hopefully we gonna get better by then since we've been really sick these past week ..:P:)(01.25.2010 02:42pm)
  • Tina Once again, LOVE it! Your work is truly gorgeous everytime.(01.26.2010 10:51am)
  • Louisa Lukito Love it... Thank u Julie :) and thank u Cecil... :)(01.29.2010 04:02pm)
  • Yuri Sinata Baby Bradleyyy is sooooo cuteee!!! Smocchh!!! I'm gonna go see you again soon cutie!!! ;)(01.31.2010 12:10am)
  • Sain Vie & Yanto Lulu & Robert, Congratulations on your new bundle of joy. He's surely an angel. May God bless you and your family with wisdom and joy. Blessings, Sain Vie & Yanto(02.02.2010 06:48pm)

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