…my socks have been knocked off. I do not know where they are. I lost them at the park last night while photographing this BEAUTIFUL family. But do not fret my amazing blog readers, I have many more pairs just like them and always look forward to having them knocked off!


The light that evening was magical. phenomenal. delightful – as was the family.

…and what a sweet personality our model had! She did an excellent job at making googly eyes for my camera!

So, I must say, mom picked the best outfits. ever. I receive quite a few emails about what to wear for sessions, and I always encourage everyone to “go together” – as opposed to being “matchy matchy”. Case and point below:

See how mom & dad’s shirts accent the cyan blue in baby girl’s dress even though her dress is mostly pink? It is the perfect combination. I always, always prefer deep, rich jewel tones and bright colors over neutrals! What a difference it makes for the photos!

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