Please meet the newest Blueberry Sky Photography model…Miss Emi Reese, at 3 days old. I somehow managed to take these the day after we got home from the hospital. I was so super tired, but hubs kept telling me that I better photograph her now before she changes :) Just like her big brother, she is a smiley, sweet baby :) Her first name, Emi, is Japanese and means beautiful blessing. Her middle name, Reese, will give you a clue into mommy’s all time favorite sweet treat. This little girl is mommy’s buttercup indeed. I’m so in love with her…enjoying every fleeting moment.

She is such a miracle, a blessing. I just stare at her all day and soak in all of her newborn-ness, because I know how fast she will change and grow (sniff, sniff, sniiiifff). And as if that wouldn’t make me emotional enough, I look over and see my son – so big and independent, so loving and gentle with his sister…and my heart feels like it’s going to burst with overwhelming love. And my husband….what an amazing dad and husband he is. I am feeling so fortunate and grateful for all of my blessings…I’m enjoying some down time to really take everything in :)

  • Stefani Thomas Congratulations to your family! She is adorable and like a little doll. Now get some rest!(09.25.2011 12:51pm)
  • Christine Emanuelson Congratulations! She is so adorable and of course such beautiful pictures.(09.25.2011 03:10pm)
  • Shannon Beardslee Congratulations Julie!!! She's beautiful!! We are so happy for you and your fam. :)(09.25.2011 04:12pm)
  • Cindy Wilson Congratulations Julie! She's absolutely precious.(09.25.2011 06:52pm)
  • Kati S. Wow Julie! What a beauty! She is so precious....What a special time for you. Enjoy this new addition to your family. Congrats.(09.26.2011 02:53pm)
  • Tandi Congratulations to you and your family Julie, she is such an angel. What a gorgeous baby!!!!(09.27.2011 08:10pm)
  • Natasha Congratulations Julie... she is beautiful!!(10.03.2011 07:49pm)
  • Ranee Kang Julie, Congratulations to you and your family! She is beautiful and although I haven't met the rest of your family, I think she looks like you. Don't you feel like you just can't stare enough? Thank goodness for pictures and for you! Blessings to all of you! The Kang's.(10.04.2011 03:36am)
  • Danielle Braga Dear Julie & Familiy, congratulations to you all and welcome to the world, baby Emi! She is just BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thanks for sharing the good news! On our side, we have some updates as well: Isabella was welcomed on 09/28!!!!!!!! The Bragas(10.05.2011 12:05pm)
  • MARIAM NERI & FAMILY CONGRATULATIONS !!!! She is a gorgeous angel and sooo beautiful :D Congratulations and the warmest of the wishes to your baby girl... we are wishing you a wonderful new world to share with your angels :D(10.07.2011 11:11am)
  • Kelly Martinez Congrats Julie! She is so gorgeous!(10.11.2011 12:07pm)
  • Jennifer Respicio Julie, she is beautiful!!! I hope to see you and the kiddos soon!!(10.16.2011 05:48am)

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