Is she charming? Hmmm, maybe just a little. Would you look at that sweet smile with little bitty baby teeth? That has got to be the cutest thing ever! I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised about how pretty she is – when I photographed her as a newborn, I already knew she was going to be beautiful like her mommy in just a few months. Although I really adored her jolly little giggle, I also loved her more serious, pensive look. She’s got these gorgeous blue eyes that speak volumes! I know I say this a lot – but I really feel blessed beyond words to be invited to share these amazing milestones with families. When moms ask me to come back and photograph again, it always makes me so incredibly happy! ┬áPlus I’m just so curious and anxious to see how much the little ones have grown – it’s amazing! My jaw drops to the floor each and every time. I just can’t believe how fast 10 months goes by.

How pretty is she? And how super loving is her family? How much mommy and daddy adore her make me so happy :)

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