Timing is everything when planning for a photo session. The first two weeks of life for a newborn session is always a winner, and then at 3 months when babies have developed head/neck control (and at which time they’re likely out of the newborn stage and into the giggly baby stage). But between 6-10 weeks, it can be tricky because they’re not sleepy newborns, but also not yet at the point where they can hold their heads up on their own – so sometimes they’re a bit uncomfortable during sessions. BUT, this sweet baby boy at 6 weeks was such a pleasure to photograph, he was content, easy going, and just adorable!

His house was also full of wonderful natural light…and if that wasn’t already enough to make me grin from ear to ear – his mommy had so many cute, colorful, bold outfits and blankets ready for the photo session – I was just like a kid in a candy store checking out all the fun stuff!

And, the absolute sweetest thing was watching his big cousin interact with him during the photo session.  She was so loving and gentle Рyou could clearly see how much she enjoyed his company Рand the feeling seemed mutual, as he slept right in her arms :)

Of course, preschoolers (around 4 years old) are usually pretty stoked about the idea of being photographed with a baby….BUT, for a toddler (around 2 years old) it’s no surprise that trying to photograph them with a baby may not be as easy – so when I was able to get this shot (a little game of peekaboo did the trick), I was so excited! How cute are they?!

And of course, baby with his adoring mother. So sweet – these moments. Fleeting moments.
How our babies grow up so fast….

And for the last image from this photo session – my favorite of big cousin with her new little baby buddy. Baby boy is cute as can be, and she is just GORGEOUS!

  • Paula Awwwh so precious. What a beautiful family. Great photos!(02.09.2010 04:52pm)
  • Michele (Pinkle Toes) you.rocked.these.images. Such beautiful kiddos, too!(02.09.2010 07:09pm)
  • Tina OMG, I thought he was the baby model at first and scrolled down to look for Milo and realized the baby model IS Milo! He is sooooooooo cute!!! Love all the pictures with his big cousins, too :)(02.09.2010 07:16pm)
  • Charleen Dear sister Eva, I feel so touched to view these photos. And also happy for you.(02.09.2010 07:31pm)
  • Jennifer These are so amazing. Looks like a magazine shoot. I love that one with you holding Milo... and the one with the monkey... and the one with the girls... CUTE!(02.09.2010 08:04pm)
  • Amy WOW. Milo is gorgeous! And these pics are absolutely stunning Eva!! When am I going to see the munchkin IRL?? Give me deets on your NYC trip, love;-)(02.09.2010 10:30pm)
  • Kelly She made all the babies look just as pure, innocent and as adorable as they are in person. Totally amazing work.(02.10.2010 03:57pm)
  • Janice Amazing pictures. The ones of Mom and Milo are so sweet...(02.11.2010 10:56am)
  • Jen Gentry Oh goodness! These are so cute - you did a great job :)(02.11.2010 03:18pm)
  • Carole Duncan Eva, These are so darling and just amazing!! Milo is just adorable, and the girls with him are too cute for words.(02.11.2010 03:25pm)
  • Rich Great pics. Especially like the ones with Milo's cousins. So cool they'll grow up together. Rich(02.11.2010 04:47pm)
  • Mitch Talk about smile from ear to ear! I had one myself. Love the photos, Milo has your eyes Eva! Love you all! :)(02.12.2010 10:21am)
  • Kim Isaacs Wow, absolutely adorable! He looks just like Eva!!! He is a gorgeous little boy! The pics are just beautiful, also with his cousins! Love it! :-)(02.12.2010 11:21am)
  • Kerri Loughlin I am just ooh'ing and ahhh'ing over these photos - just precious and gorgeous wrapped into one!(02.12.2010 07:59pm)
  • Erin These photos are so beautiful!!! I love the one in the basket. :)(02.13.2010 08:13pm)
  • Kevin Gabriel Milo-San, Milo-San. Such a cute baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabbbbbyyyy!!! I love you Milo. You with your cute perfectly round fuzzy hair. Big probing eyes. Strong neck that was lifting up his head at 2 weeks. You have an appetite like no other, 6oz per feeding. And when you hit that magic number you are topped off like a car or some rising flour. I see it in your face, "Okay I'm good now, you can put me to sleep whenever you're ready. So cute, So ccuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutttteee. Nite nite. Milo-San(02.22.2010 02:22pm)
  • Marty Very Beautiful, Eva!(02.27.2010 04:12pm)

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