The morning sun, the light, the energy, the beautiful family…just stop it! Stop being so adorable!!! Really though – this family was a joy to photograph. The love they have for each other and their natural, honest, in-the-moment affection was contagious. And how lovely was the light that morning? One thing I love about photographing babies is that because they usually wake up early, it means we can have early photo sessions and benefit from the wonderful morning sunlight!!!

Just look at that smile!

This is a perfect example of a smashing wardrobe choice for baby – just look at little man – what a handsome guy!

GQ model in the future? It’s very possible…

One of my favorite shots to take are of mother and baby snuggling. There’s nothing quite like it. I can’t help but feel all mushy inside even when I’m behind the lens because I almost feel what mom is feeling…I think about my son and how much he enriches my world :) Awww.

…and, a sweet moment between daddy & his little man. Beautiful family.

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