…until this little sweetie gets older – he’s going to be a heart breaker for sure! It’s pretty rare to get such peaceful sleeping shots at 3 months – so this one is extra special. Plus, look how pretty mommy looks :)

Oh my goodness – look at that toothless grin! Love it :)

You can’t tell from the image below that this little guy actually isn’t all that into tummy time…
He just looks so sweet & content.

He’s totally communicating with the camera here! I’m pretty sure this is his super model look :)

  • K really nice shots of mommy and baby. where's daddy?(05.11.2009 08:35pm)
  • Jen Gray is SUCH a handsome boy. These are fantastic photographs, great work capturing the beauty of this family.(05.11.2009 08:37pm)
  • enny how precious! this family looks stunning in the photographs.(05.11.2009 08:39pm)
  • Eileen Baby Gray has awesome hair. Family and baby are adorable!(05.11.2009 08:58pm)
  • Celia These look great! I love the black and white 'mohawk' shot! One of Mom and sleeping Gray is Gorgeous!(05.11.2009 09:12pm)
  • Monica Great pics! I love how he is looking right into the camera. He is super cute and his parents look lovely too!(05.11.2009 10:14pm)
  • rose omgosh what amazing photos!!! gray looks absolutely adorable... love his smile, love his hair! the mommy and gray one is so picture perfect :)(05.11.2009 10:41pm)
  • Jennis these are really beautiful photographs!!!(05.11.2009 11:17pm)
  • Brooke OMG what a beautiful family. Gray is soo cute!(05.12.2009 12:24am)
  • Lana Oh, Gray is adorable! These photos look great!(05.12.2009 01:59am)
  • Connie Such great pictures, can't wait for more! What a picture perfect family.(05.12.2009 02:03am)
  • o cutie! so many different expressions!(05.12.2009 05:01am)
  • jchoi my fav is the first pic up top of gray sleeping. just wish it were only the baby shown tho.(05.12.2009 07:22am)
  • Suz I'll pay for make up session for your birthday if you want. Suz(05.12.2009 08:23pm)
  • s These are amazing photographs! Congrats to the gorgeous family. :)(05.12.2009 08:29pm)
  • Amanda These are great! I think you got some good photos. After all, you will really only showcase one in your house...then off to the next age!(05.12.2009 09:44pm)
  • Kat OMG You two couldn't be cuter. I can't wait to see the next batch!(05.13.2009 02:39am)
  • hannah oh my goodness, he is such a cutie!! those cheeks! that hair!(05.13.2009 07:08pm)
  • Grace K love the photos! you know how much i think grayson is the most adorable baby. your shot with gray came out really nice too. and you'll have to frame that b/w shot. so cute!(05.13.2009 08:08pm)
  • Holly his faux-hawk is awesome.(05.14.2009 02:15am)

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