Her sweet little personality is full of light & happiness! Look at that beautiful, radiating smile :) She is such a sweet, lovely baby girl…a total joy to photograph! She has the most amazingly pretty blue eyes…and her adorable chubby cheeks are so scrumptious! What a cutie pie!

  • Michael My beautiful baby girl and wife. I love you both.(07.06.2013 11:53am)
  • Cindy Plasters Absolutely beautiful family and precious pictures!!! Juliette is so adorable!!!! Love it!!!(07.06.2013 11:59am)
  • Bronwyn These are amazing pictures. Thank you!(07.06.2013 12:11pm)
  • Allison Beautiful pictures. All of you look amazing.(07.06.2013 01:23pm)
  • Lisa Cornehl Beautiful photos! Juliette is such a pretty little lady. Thanks for sharing!(07.06.2013 01:23pm)
  • Roberta W. What wonderful comments about an incredible family....Now I am waiting for a sister or brother! :) If you can have kids that are this attractive, smart and sweet...why not more! love all of you.(07.06.2013 03:11pm)
  • cessa Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family. Xoxo(07.06.2013 03:22pm)
  • Jana Beautiful pictures of Juliette with her wonderful Mommy and Daddy.(07.06.2013 08:36pm)
  • Denise What wonderful photos! You all look amazing! I see so much of both of you in little Miss Juliette. The top pic with her mouth open is definitely a Mike expression though. And that little blue 1950's number she has on in the first pics-- are you kidding me! Too cute!(07.06.2013 10:26pm)
  • David Meyerhardt Absolutely adorable niece and extraordinary eyes!!! Everyone says hello from Buenos Aires and very much looking forward to meeting the family!(07.07.2013 04:45am)
  • Luiza Wow! These are beautiful pictures ! Juliette looks adorable (07.07.2013 04:25pm)
  • Elena She's the most beautiful, most lovable, most adorable baby I've ever seen. I'm going crazy for her! I love Juliette!!! and her parents, of course(07.08.2013 02:43pm)
  • Matt Very cute! My suggestion for the theme of the next photoshoot: Put Juliette in a light-brown wig with blond highlights, and maybe matching outfits with mommy (yes, Mike, that means Chanel). This has to happen.(07.08.2013 03:26pm)
  • John Wow. Really terrific pictures.(07.08.2013 03:36pm)
  • Len Wonderful! Thanks for sharing.(07.08.2013 04:17pm)
  • Eleanor Ord Gorgeous pictures of the whole family! Juliette is such a cutie.(07.09.2013 03:50pm)
  • Evan I believe she's plotting world domination from inside that bucket.(07.10.2013 02:13pm)
  • Toni Luskin Julliette has such a direct, wise gaze! She is captivating and these are really great family photos.(07.21.2013 01:06pm)

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