…and like mother, like daughter! How adorable is it that baby girl looks just like her mommy and that baby boy looks just like his daddy? I didn’t notice it really until I started proofing their photos. But can you see the resemblance?

  • Denice Frost Priceless...speechless Congratulations!(07.21.2012 02:56pm)
  • Melinda Schermann Rodriguez LOVE every single photo and the emotions captured!!!! Love you all so much xoxoxo(07.21.2012 08:58pm)
  • Kimberly Sauer I am the happiest auntie ever!!! This family is too precious.(07.23.2012 11:32am)
  • paulette murphy and family How wonderful. You can see the finger prints of God on them. May they always receive his blessing. God loves them and so do we.(07.23.2012 02:02pm)
  • Paige Blair Being the mother of twins (my girl had Nancy for 3rd Grade) I am touched by these beautiful photos. And being a first time Grandmother, my heart is swelling, knowing Nancy would be absolutely in awe of these babies.(07.26.2012 11:21pm)

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