Baby it’s cold outside! I just love cold weather. The air is so crisp, so clean – especially after the rain. It’s also a perfect opportunity to accessorize with scarves, jackets, knits & lots of layering. Here are some ideas for family photo sessions with cooler weather in mind.  I adore winter clothes!

And as any person who lives in Los Angeles will tell you – it can be cold one day and warm the next! In which case, lighter clothing (like cottons and soft knits) would be perfect. Spring clothing is also super colorful – which I just love! Color, color, color! This set-up below I particularly like because it’s a wonderful illustration of how a family can “go” – but not necessarily “match”….It’s nice to show some variety – everyone need not wear the same color and match perfectly…clothing like this makes things much more interesting :

  • Casey Hart Very creative - love it!(03.15.2010 05:22pm)

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