One thing I’ve learned about photographing toddlers is that you should never ask them to do anything directly. Make everything a game. Case and point below:

When I asked: “Oooh, can you look at me, I want to see your handsome face” — instead of big puppy dog eyes gazing up at me, I got a fluffy stuffed puppy’s butt in my face. Take that, he says! So, I resort to plan B, which works most of the time and ask: “What are you reading? Who is that on your book?”
And alas, I get the result I want:  Eye contact

And then I ask a series of questions: ” Where are your teeth? Eyes? Ears? Mouth? Where am I? Where are you?”

Now he’s happy….

And my favorite question because it resulted in the images below (specifically, the kissing puppy one)…
“Where is puppy?”

See, sweet little toddler,  made you look! I win!

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