…what do you get when you put four awesome people together? Major awesomeness, MAJOR! Yes – all four are equally awesome. This is the second time I’ve photographed this amazing family. I knew I was going to be in for a treat again because they are the most laid back, natural, loving, affectionate, open-minded, adoring, silly, playful family ever :) And all of these ingredients, plus the fact that they are all beautiful, make the perfect recipe for an awesome photo session. We decided on a sunset session this time (last time was an early morning session), and it was wonderful because it was warm and balmy out, skies were clear, and the kidlets were full of energy. Even as the sun started to set, the kids were in great spirits…The session was just lovely. I think my favorites are of big sister dancing and jumping about as the pretty sunlight faded behind her – is she not gorgeous?! And little man is just the sweetest little thing – with a smile that lit up his entire sweet face! Beautiful family. Just beautiful – inside and out :) What a pleasure it was to see them again, and how lucky am I to be given the opportunity to document this amazing time in their lives? I feel humbled & so very thankful every time I get to see a family again.

  • Doreen Cahoon Julie, these are so amazing! We said that the kids were having so much fun this session that we were sure you would get wonderful pictures, but they are even better than we could have imagined. Thank you for giving the kids such beautiful keepsakes. Doreen and Dick(08.04.2011 05:17pm)
  • annie beautiful pictures of a great family and fauxhawk.(08.04.2011 05:24pm)
  • Erin Manderine These are the most precious and beautiful pictures I have ever seen. How can you pick between all of them. I would take every one of them. Such a beautiful family with so much love!(08.04.2011 05:46pm)
  • amanda Beautiful family. Amazing pics.(08.04.2011 06:13pm)
  • Kassie Beets These pictures are absolutely beautiful!!! You can see the love this family has and it's truely amazing.(08.04.2011 06:27pm)
  • Heather Gawronski You all look beautiful!! Love those little ones! :)(08.04.2011 08:27pm)
  • Courtney Brown I love these pictures, the kids look so happy and are both beautiful!(08.04.2011 10:05pm)
  • Tony D'Intino Julie, You have captured for all time what family and love truly are.(08.05.2011 03:46am)
  • Christy McChesney WOW! Just... wow! These are so beautiful I do not even have the words to express it. You are a g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s family!(08.05.2011 11:48am)
  • Jen These are so stinken cute! I cant believe how much Parker looks like Dick! and he got so blonde. The Bee is as beautiful as ever!! Great Pics!(08.05.2011 07:10pm)
  • fatemeh These pictures are just beautiful. You have captured the true expressions and feelings. Perfect.(08.15.2011 06:52am)
  • Dick Cahoon The magic of the fabulous Beezle and the Parker Parker James are rarely captured in any other way than in person. Even videos have a difficult time expressing the almost supernatural feelings they have for each other. These pictures go much farther in expressing the love, respect, playfulness and otherwise amazingly incredibleness of the wonders of my life pictured in these frames. If only Jamie Hoon and Zeus could be there...(09.07.2011 01:35am)

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