Of course, being a photographer is an absolutely amazing job to have! But I must say, it’s more than just the pictures – it’s the relationships that I develop with each family that makes what I do so special. This couldn’t be any more true for this lovely bunch. I’ve had the opportunity to photograph them four times! FOUR times! How cool is that? And each time I get to know them more and more….how mom is such an amazing, hard working, organized, well planned, kind and giving person; how dad is just phenomenal with his boys – knowing just what to do to make everything better, making them laugh and smile; and of course, the sweet kids – they are so easy going, extremely sweet and a breeze to photograph! And get this – they actually listen to their parents – wow! That doesn’t always happen when I photograph toddlers and preschoolers :)  I’ve also had the wonderful opportunity to meet their extended family! And yes, they are all equally amazing. So as you can see, I’m lucky indeed. I’m thankful and humbled with every session – being trusted to capture these family memories is not a task I take lightly. And most (if not all) photographers will probably agree that the greatest compliment they can ever receive isn’t a verbal one…it’s when families come back for more sessions!

  • Melissa Shelton WOW! Your pictures always amaze me. ANOTHER wonderful work of art. I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures.(05.26.2011 03:10pm)
  • Susan Hallock LOVE the pictures and can't wait to see the rest. We had such a fun time with you - thanks so much for everything!(05.26.2011 06:42pm)
  • Kate Hallock Beautiful photos! Beautiful subjects! Someone needs to put this family in commercials!(05.26.2011 07:19pm)
  • Elena Claus Wow! Amazing, amazing pictures and beautiful family! I miss you guys!(05.26.2011 07:37pm)
  • mindy sakioka these are terrific! i love the one with "smith" written in the sand and flanked with 4 pairs of barefeet! it will be fun to duplicate this picture when brogan and griffin are teenagers and their feet make susan's look like teeny cat prints!(05.27.2011 10:20am)
  • Meloni Beach boys with Susan Lee - can't get better than that!(06.02.2011 05:55pm)

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