Big brother was all about giving mommy’s belly hugs and kisses! I can only imagine how sweet he will be to his baby brother once he arrives. I’m sure there will be lots more cuddles to come! An amazing little boy who totally charmed me with his inquisitive nature. Asking me lots of questions and even stumping me on a few! I can tell he’s going to be a wonderful big brother.

  • Stefani Thanks again Julie! We love the pictures and you captured the fun we had! It was nice sharing our wedding site with you and Elliott :)(03.17.2015 11:01am)
  • Mitra Adorable subjects and marvelous pictures! Congrats!(03.17.2015 11:18am)
  • Kristen The pictures are amazing! You look so pretty Stef! Elliott and Jason are so cute in all the pictures! (03.17.2015 12:43pm)
  • Alana Love my beautiful family and I can't wait to meet my new nephew!!! These photos are perfectly priceless.(03.17.2015 03:28pm)
  • Jason the Great Now those are 3 1/2 of the best looking people I've ever seen. Thanks Julie.(03.17.2015 08:38pm)
  • Tiffany Aw!!! Congratz!! Super happy for you!! Picture perfect!! ;)(03.17.2015 08:59pm)
  • Jessica These pictures are amazing! Elliott is such a big boy now...ready to be a big brother! You all look great! Such a special location to take these pictures. Beautiful family :)(03.17.2015 10:12pm)
  • Michelle Delli Quadri Great pictures. Every pictures shows joy and happiness. I am so happy to see these wonderful and beautiful pictures. All of you look amazingly fabulous. Thank you for sharing your precious moments with me. You made a smart decision in selecting this photography. I will highly recommend your photo studio to my friends and family. I am grateful for the photographer for his or her efforts in taking such touching photos. Every photos moves my heart in a very special way.(03.18.2015 04:32pm)
  • Jacklyn Too cute!!! Can't wait to meet the newest little Thomas! :)(03.18.2015 05:50pm)
  • Christy Lovely photos! Can"t wait the 4th tiny shoes !(03.18.2015 08:02pm)
  • Kerry You look amazing!! I love the little shoe pics and can't wait to meet the little guy that's going to wear them :)(03.19.2015 10:40am)

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