I forgot how cute those gurgly little newborn noises are.  His little grunts and gurgles were so adorable! Reminds me of my son – when he was a newbie he would grunt hard and stretch out his arms and legs at the same time – it was quite hilarious :) When we had their maternity session, mommy told me he would get really squirmy in her tummy every time they were scheduled to have photos taken…so I was happily surprised to find that he was the perfect little newborn model for our session! He gave me a good, solid 20 minutes of deep sleep…and when he was awake, he was relaxed and totally content. He even looked right at the camera on several occasions…here he is…just as sweet as pie!

  • Danny Wow! The wonders of a new born baby life is God's saying to the world that, he is present and will always be there for the future.(02.16.2011 09:16pm)

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