…at 14 months, she was just as fun to photograph as she was at 8 months! Talk about perfection! She is cute, sweet, bubbly, happy and so easy to photograph. As long as she had flowers and leaves to play with, she was as happy and easy going as can be :) And wow, her beautiful blue eyes. Oh my! And I must say, her smile has got to be one of my favorites to date. I love the different variations…mostly I loved the big open mouth smile with tongue and teeth showing, and her little shy closed lip smile :) She is so lovely!

  • Kim Chaney She's such a big girl now! Such gorgeous pictures to cherish and look back on as she grows. Lovely...(05.25.2012 02:06pm)
  • Brian Auchard She is very cute. I especially like the black & white photos.(05.25.2012 02:25pm)
  • Robin Dahlstrom Johnson What a beautiful family album. I sure wish online albums existed when I had kids...um 20 years ago!! You were such a joy to work with. Siena is a beautiful and bubbly baby girl. I hope she likes her new home!! ~~Robin(05.25.2012 04:34pm)
  • Susan Patten What beautiful pictures of your beautiful family! Love them all. Siena's not a baby anymore. She's a big girl!(05.26.2012 02:35pm)
  • Judy Bradford What an adorable sweet calm loving child with equally photogenic parents. Beautiful to view(05.26.2012 05:19pm)
  • Reina Smyth I love the one of you all saying "yay"!(05.27.2012 11:32pm)
  • Vallorie Borchardt How did you get her to keep on her shoes? Iremember her picking the leaves on the rosemary plants. She must get her love of gardens and plants from her grandpa Tom!(05.28.2012 07:57pm)
  • Jocelyn Biehle-Speiser My, what blue eyes she has!!!! I liked the black and whites, too. I also liked the colorful place in the background. Great for picture taking. Some definite winners!(06.02.2012 02:52pm)
  • Alisha Seaton These are stunning!! Can't wait to see her in person again.(06.07.2012 05:02pm)
  • Amber Patten Precious!!! These are so cute! Her auntie and uncle miss her so much! xo(06.12.2012 12:35pm)

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