We’ve all heard of (and perhaps even experienced) the “Terrible Twos” in some form or another. You know, crying, screaming, kicking, doing the complete opposite of anything asked (I know most of my days are like this-I have a 2.5 year old). So parents are often scared, literally petrified, of having a photo shoot with their toddler. So I thought I’d share this session in full. This sweet girl was two years old…because I don’t try to “make” kids (or babies for that matter) do anything that they aren’t interested in, sessions almost always go pretty well. Although, I do like a little meltdown now and again – I think they are super cute — teary eyes — awww, I know it’s sad, but kids are so cute with those big sad eyes. Anyway, this one was tantrum free..and our sweet little girl was just a doll! Enjoy!

Press play below to view the slideshow :)

  • ginger Hello, what is the name of this amazing song? These photos are amazing!(07.23.2010 09:21pm)

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