…he’s *still* as cute as he was as a baby (wink). Trust me – I love a soft, chubby, cuddly baby as much as I love a bowl of ice cream + brownie, but I must say, 3 year olds are just as cute :) It seems as though most (if not all) boys love trains. I’m not sure what it is (maybe it’s the huge size or the cool sounds) but kids just looove trains! So we headed down to these really cool deserted railroad tracks to play! Of course, we weren’t there for a photo session – oh no! We were there to check out the tracks – and he just *happened* to be dressed up all cute and spiffy as he yelled “All aboard” about 101 times. And, as with most children’s sessions, 30 minutes is all I needed (and it’s also the longest a kid will last for photos)!

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