…just belly. All belly. Nothing else. This is a perfect, perfect example of a gorgeous mom-to-be who is all belly. Not every pregnant woman can look down at her bumpity bump without fear of creating triple chins (ahem, like yours truly). She definitely did NOT have that – she was just radiant and pretty as can be. And would you look at that lovely hair and complexion – yes, she also had that pregnant glow. From behind my camera, I looked through the viewfinder and was literally in awe when I saw what was in the frame. I thought this setting was just perfect for her – delicate, pretty & sweet. And we even managed to find some beautiful yellow wildflowers – which aren’t usually in bloom anymore at this location┬áthis time of year – lucky us :) Even the thick cloud cover was so fitting – I thought it created a nice, soft, dreamy feel…It was a perfect morning indeed!

  • Christine These look great Julie!(07.12.2011 08:33pm)
  • Karoleen Breathtakingly beautiful! So serene and intimate... eyes watering.(07.13.2011 10:11am)
  • Mom Just beautiful Christine & Mark... Only you Chris can look so put together 8 months pregnant! Enjoy the quiet..... the best is yet to come! Love you both!(07.13.2011 11:24am)

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