…amazing! We all have days that are tougher than others. For me, some days it’s just so chaotic and stressful running around with two kids (one being a very feisty 2 year old). But I always love it when I get a reality check that stops me in my tracks. It may be tough sometimes with two kids, but can you imagine four…and two of them being twins? Hello! I shouldn’t be complaining at all. All I can say is that mommy & daddy to these handsome boys are simply amazing! So patient and a total inspiration! They are a wonderful, beautiful family & remind me that it is really possible to enjoy the moment even when things get a little chaotic :)

  • melinda sakioka the kids continue to delight and amaze! julie - your photos really capture their personalities! auntie mindy(10.01.2013 09:01am)
  • Maile Robertson Great pictures of a beautiful family!(10.01.2013 12:39pm)
  • Karen Stainner Gorgeous shoot!! Cutie pie subjects must make it easy too...the picture of Hudson and Porter heading in opposite directions in the doorway made me giggle too. (Susan - Brogans quickly gaining on you height wise ;-)) Julie - can't wait for our shoot!(10.01.2013 12:41pm)
  • David Cushma What? I didn't get an invite?(10.01.2013 02:12pm)
  • Monique Smith Susan sure is lucky to have so many handsome boys around! :) Such nice, happy pics!(10.02.2013 07:06pm)
  • Susan Julie - Thanks for the amazing pictures. You make my cute kids look even cuter. We all love the pics, especially the twins - they love watching the slide show again and again.(10.03.2013 05:49pm)
  • Gummy Delightful array of gorgeous photos! I love looking at my beautiful greatgrand sons and family. Thanks for sharing.(10.04.2013 10:51am)
  • Steven Thanks for getting such great pictures. It is amazing how you can get great photos even with all of the chaos of 4 boys.(10.04.2013 04:42pm)
  • Meloni Hallock Who knew you were a magician? Keeping 4 boys looking happy, enjoying a beautiful fall day at UCLA, and actually making their parents look like all of it is effortless -- your photo shoot is a special reminder of the magical moments in life.(10.04.2013 09:43pm)
  • Melody Tokunaga Susan and Steven these are gorgeous,fun photos of you and the Boys! Julie certainly captured the memories of that end of summer/ fall day so beautifully.(10.05.2013 03:17pm)
  • Liz (Midori's friend) Thank you Midori, for Sharing these pics. You know pics of the twins always make my day. This time it's the whole family. Such beautiful kids. Beautiful family...meaning, not only handsome to look at but I can see the joy and appreciation Susan and her husband share for their boys. Such loving moments caught. It's a blessing to see parents take a moment out of the business of life and do something like this. It is captured in time forever.(10.11.2013 11:09am)
  • jonathan just caught these. beautiful. great colors all around.(10.15.2013 02:38pm)

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