Sometimes I share various events and places I’ve visited – there’s so much to do in LA and I think this festival is a great way to spend a Saturday/Sunday with family. A beautiful festival to enjoy this weekend:

“Obon is a time to remember and honor all those who have passed on before us. It is a time to appreciate all that they have done for us and to recognize the continuation of the influence of their deeds upon our lives. Obon is also a time of self-reflection; the joy one feels is not from the happiness of getting what you desire, but the joy of being shown the truth — the joy of awareness. Obon reminds us to love and care for our parents. It also encourages the practice of selfless giving (dana) not only to family and friends, but to all beings.”

On the topic of giving, please don’t forget that Blueberry Sky Photography participates in the Pictures of Hope Foundation -  an awesome organization that provides FREE documentary style photography services to families with newborns in the NICU. Blueberry Sky Photography {BSP} is a member and offers this service to families with newborns in the South Bay (Little Company of Mary’s & Torrance Memorial). Visit the Pictures of Hope website for details about this amazing organization. Busy season is in full swing for BSP (and photographers in general), but it’s my personal mission to do all that I can to contribute

  • Jan & Ken Thanks for the picture update on Sam's growth. We are in Arizona moving Jan's mom into the nursing home of the community where she has lived in for 12 years. It is going as well as can be expected. We go home on Saturday.(08.19.2009 02:05am)

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