Last night was a very special night. Two sweet little girls finally got to meet their baby brother. Mommy and daddy got to hold their first son. A loving family experienced the miracle of a baby being born. It was beautiful :)

  • Traci Oh my gosh those pictures are so precious.(11.19.2011 09:43am)
  • Romy Lauprecht Julie! These are amazing! You captured some amazing moments of me and my family at our birth. You are so talented, and I can't wait to see the rest. Thank you!!!(11.19.2011 10:50am)
  • Jan I loved to see the pictures of your beautiful family! What a night to have captured! Congratulations on, Oh Boy!! What fun you will have in your future!(11.19.2011 09:06pm)
  • Maxine These pictures are precious!! Thanks for sharing what had to have been a beautiful birth of quite a handsome little man.. Congratulations!(11.20.2011 01:14pm)
  • Martha Absolutely beautiful! What joy your photos portray. Breathtaking and glad his birth was everything you'd hoped for. I can't wait to meet him. Love you! Martha(11.20.2011 02:27pm)
  • luz Absolutely beautiful....Congratulations!(11.21.2011 11:02am)
  • Grgrdpa Bob & Grgrma Katy I guess our first message didn't get through. We are so very happy for you. Robert and the girls now that there is a sweet little boy in the family. He looks very healthy and strong. You did a great job. Our love to to all. We are very anxious to meet Stellan.(11.22.2011 03:02pm)

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