Awwww – Just look at that beautiful million dollar smile! His two bottom teeth showing make me love this shot even more! And his eyes?! Ummm, gorgeous!

A little boy and his rocks…I’m not sure what it is with babies and rocks, but my son was the same way at one year old. He just loooooved rocks and tried to shove them in his mouth all the time (gasp). Now that he’s older, he just puts them in his pocket (thank goodness). Here’s the birthday boy inspecting the plethora of rocks….and checking out the stool he’s sitting on-babies seem to love my stool-I think it’s the cool texture!

Oh my goodness – such a sweet, sweet smile! Ear to ear and accented with yummy dimples! Here’s the birthday boy – letting me know what he thinks about my camera :) Happy Happy First Birthday!!!

This was a great photo session with a sweet family! It’s always so nice to see babies grow – the last time I photographed this little guy he was about 6 months old – and it’s so wonderful to be invited to photograph him again at ONE! Happy Birthday, Finn!!!

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