…gorgeous! Simply gorgeous! How beautiful is she?! Her skin so peachy pink and smooth, an adorable little mouth, and eyes so very blue – just lovely! It’s like she knew she wanted to stay awake almost the entire session just so I could continue photographing her pretty blue eyes :) I’m quite thankful that she did stay awake, because it really would have been a crime not to photograph her baby blues!

  • Ivelisse Simon Julie - You did an AMAZING job with these photos. Thank you!!!(04.03.2012 10:10pm)
  • Michaella Very precious! Love the family together shots. Happiness to all. Welcome, Zoe!(04.03.2012 10:48pm)
  • Katalin Welcome Zoe! The photos are incredible.(04.04.2012 01:22am)
  • Debby Beautiful pictures!(04.04.2012 04:54am)
  • Laura You guys are the most PERFECT family... Congratulations! Love you all!!! Miss you...(04.04.2012 06:06am)
  • Paul She's beautiful and love the family shots. Kudos to Julie as always.(04.04.2012 06:49am)
  • Philip Beautiful baby, kids, and couple. One big happy family: beautifully captured for posterity. Thanks for sharing. :-)(04.04.2012 08:41am)
  • Gina Rodriguez These pictures are stunning! Amazing photography and gorgeous subjects! I am in love with the picture of mia, Zoe and max!(04.04.2012 08:49am)
  • Glenda and Walter We are one lucky set of grandparents! Zoe is gorgeous and the rest of her family is pretty terrific too. Kisses to all. We miss you.(04.04.2012 09:44am)
  • Marisol God bless the kids they are ALL BEAUTIFUL!!! Can't wait to see you guys!!(04.05.2012 06:58am)
  • OMar the shots are so endearing. I can't believe how big max and mia have grown!(04.05.2012 11:11am)
  • Joy, Jon, Gideon and Talia Exceptional!!!! You are truly blessed and we can't wait to see everyone.(04.05.2012 03:52pm)
  • mary jo super photos!!(04.06.2012 06:49am)

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