Her cuteness makes me ache.  When I photographed her as a newborn, I knew she was going to be adorable – but geez, she is just sooo darn cute! She has the perfect little cheeks…and such beautiful eyes. She’s definitely going to be a knockout when she grows up.

Here are the eyes I’m talking about – so pretty.

Daddy’s little girl…sitting pretty in a big comfy chair.

It was great seeing you again! I had a great time…and Hana is just amazing :)

  • Johanna Riggle Segesser Wow! Hana looks so beautiful! These shots are amazing! I loved the first round,but these just insane! Please email me so we can talk about setting up a session for my 13 month old, Jack. Seriously.(08.31.2009 06:48pm)
  • Anna Oh my! She is such a beauty! The colors are so vibrant - I just love the black tutu and red flower in her hair...These images are amazing!(09.01.2009 03:37pm)
  • Jennifer Tan Thanks, Julie! It was so nice seeing you again. Hana loved you so much - I can't imagine any other photographer who is so talented/artistic and also is so great with babies!(09.02.2009 03:18am)

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