I’m not sure what it is, but lately we’ve been having some amazing sunsets! Mother nature has painted the sky with her magic. And the evening if this shoot, I was lucky enough to photograph the most adorable little girls :) A gorgeous family!

  • Sotara Rico These are beautiful! We definitely were blessed with a perfect sunset that day. Thank you Julie! We've loved every photo you have taken over the last 14 months(11.22.2016 05:04am)
  • Janet Manalo Joyful and beautiful; Julie you captured their happiness ! Looking forward to seeing more.(11.22.2016 08:21pm)
  • Laura Arguija Absolutely gorgeous. The colors compliment the sunset and back ground really well. I love the picture of Sotara and Zoe walking hand in hand on the beach. You look so beautiful. The picture of Sotara and Bella truly speaks volumes. The genuine laughter in the family picture is priceless.(11.22.2016 08:32pm)
  • Ryan rico Beautiful sunset! beautiful pictures! Thanks Julie!(11.25.2016 07:05am)
  • Rod Manalo Wonderful pictures(11.25.2016 09:52am)
  • Gia Rico Beautiful family photos!(11.25.2016 05:38pm)

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