An early Christmas gift for this wonderful family! A sweet, adorable, perfectly chubby baby boy to complete their crew. I couldn’t be more happy for them! Next week marks his 2nd month, and already  winning the hearts of everyone :)

  • Mariam Neri Love our family pictures Julie ❤️(11.04.2016 10:21am)
  • Dad Amazing work by Julie. Thank you very much always love your work.(11.04.2016 10:36am)
  • Valeria Love you my baby brother ❤️❤️(11.04.2016 10:38am)
  • Cynthia Camacho Beautiful photos! #familygoals Your kids are beautiful ! I love Valerie so much she's a great daughter and friend to me a su corta edad ❤️ and the new baby, no se diga, una bendición enorme (11.04.2016 10:47am)
  • Auntie Beautiful family and great amazing pictures (11.04.2016 11:04am)
  • Fernando Zendejas Beautiful pictures. You guys look great. The little one is getting chubby .(11.04.2016 11:26am)
  • Karla Chavez Beautiful Pictures!!!❤️(11.04.2016 11:49am)
  • Granma Amparo Hermosa Familia (11.04.2016 01:26pm)
  • Tia Lupita Priceless Moment!!!! Amazing job Julie (11.04.2016 01:32pm)
  • Nery What a beautiful family !!! Una bendición. (11.04.2016 01:35pm)
  • Gloria Que linda familia tienes Marriam... Que Dios los bendiga siempre <3(11.04.2016 04:36pm)
  • Mary Congratulations you guys have a beautiful family ! Great pictures!!(11.05.2016 09:37pm)
  • Monica Bouchard Carrillo Padrisimas fotos. Besitos Fam. Carrillo Neri(11.06.2016 08:39am)
  • Erika Beautiful Pictures and Family! Couldn't ask for a better niece and nephew love them so much ❤️️(11.06.2016 08:45am)
  • Kris Omg I love your family pictures (11.10.2016 08:52pm)

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