Cuteness overload! What a perfect pair these two are! They’re twins but they definitely have different personalities on them :) But of course, they are still equally as adorable! They sure did change a whole lots since our last shoot–but even then they were just as precious as can be. A lovely little family that is growing in love :)

  • Sandi Steiner They steal my heart every minute of the day. Oliver and Charlotte have brought a new joy to my life. The pictures are wonderful and can't wait to see more. Love Grandma Sandi(09.22.2014 09:27am)
  • Michael These pics came out terrific. Julie does such a nice job with young kids.(09.25.2014 09:12pm)
  • Uncle Drew Love getting to watch them grow up even though you're so far away. xo(09.26.2014 02:08am)
  • Aunt Lyn It's wonderful to meet these new family members! Such interesting personalities. A treasure and a pleasure for you to watch them grow and develop.(09.26.2014 08:52am)
  • Alx These pictures look amazing! Charlotte and Oliver are so beautiful!(09.26.2014 03:52pm)

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