What a perfectly chubby little baby girl! She just….barely fit into my little wraps :) She was definitely a very alert baby for our newborn session – but also so very calm and content. I have to say that she is the most graceful looking newborn I’ve ever photographed *awake* in a wrap. She just seemed so comfortable and relaxed in there! She stayed perfectly still and looked right at the camera! Amazing :) It was a pleasure photographing her and her beautiful mommy! She must have known how adorable she was because her eyes were wide open and she was so, soo ready for me to photograph her with her big, beautiful blue eyes wide open. Although it was so much fun photographing her on her own, what I enjoyed most about our session was photographing her cuddled up with mommy. It was so very clear that they have such a special bond. I just loved that her favorite place to sleep was snuggled up on mommy’s chest :) The best place to be – so so cozy….She’s a miracle baby…and a beautiful one, too.

  • Linda Bethea welcome to the newest baby girl bethea! what beautiful photos! she is absolutely precious and looks completely at home in your arms :) xoxo(07.19.2012 07:14am)
  • charles bethea love the last picture, perfectly beautiful granddaughter. She is content now but I have some indulgences for her to set the bar of expectations a little higher.(07.19.2012 07:14am)
  • Daniel Cotney She is beautiful! I can't wait to meet her!(07.19.2012 08:03am)
  • Luke McCaig I like you hair uncle bob!(07.19.2012 08:56am)
  • Hayden McCaig She is cute! She is as big as Will.(07.19.2012 08:59am)
  • Don Cotney Great photos of a beutiful young lady! I particularly like the ones where Katie and Bob are holding her. I'm anxious to do that as well!!!!(07.19.2012 09:53am)
  • Cheryl Cotney Every single picture is perfectly adorable! Very hard to choose a favorite. Love this photographer!(07.19.2012 10:34am)
  • Marilyn Bethea These pictures are fantastic!! Harper looks ready to rule the world......at least her other 5 Bethea girl cousins. Love you guys, m.(07.19.2012 05:46pm)
  • Judy Hutcheson Harper is absolutely adorable and has such gorgeous blue eyes !! Love all the pictures- especially the one of her asleep on your chest, Katie.(07.19.2012 07:42pm)
  • lisa namerow She is beautiful!(07.20.2012 07:38am)
  • Kay Haynes Wow! What a beautiful family. These photos are wonderful and really show the love you all have for each other. Great job by the photographer to capture that. Harper is absolutely perfect in every way and so beautiful. Wish I could hold her.(07.20.2012 07:46am)
  • Donna Kaye Merritt Congratulations, She's beautiful!!(07.26.2012 03:16pm)

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