I’ve been receiving lots of emails from photographers asking about my little newborn and baby beanies…and wondering if I make them – I don’t. I once tried to make a scarf and it was pretty funny – but a disaster. One end of the scarf ended up way too narrow and it looked like one leg of a tapered pair of jeans from the 80′s – I have no crochet or knitting skills. at all.  It’s fun, but the outcome is never good. So, I get ALL of my stuff from Etsy. It’s an awesome place to buy all things handmade from amazingly talented artists. BUY HANDMADE!! It’s so much better than going to big, stale, boring stores-yuck! Plus, everything you get is one-of-a-kind!

Also, I do offer gift certificates for photo sessions. These are awesome gifts for family/friends and baby showers! The gift certificates come boxed and pretty – all ready to go.

Last, you’ll soon be enjoying some new tunes on my site by Renee & Jeremy. An amazing duo! They create beautiful melodies that really tug at your heart strings (when I listen to them while looking at my son, I get teary eyed).  Press play below while browsing my blog  :) When I figure out how to add music to my blog without making it slow as molasses, I shall!

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