I’m feeling very grateful. I get to hang out with babies and kids all day and take their pictures! What an awesome way to go about my day! But I’d have to say the best perks aren’t related to taking the actual pictures, it’s getting to meet amazing families! And what makes it more special for me is when families come back :) It’s been almost 5 years since I last saw this sweet bunch. Big brother was only a newborn when we first met…and now, he’s a big preschooler! And, an awesome big brother! I can’t tell you how much I love having the opportunity to capture memories for families as they grow. I am so lucky! What a wonderful, beautiful family of four. Congratulations guys!!!

  • Cristina Adorable Family! Blessings...(07.24.2013 11:16pm)
  • Alixandra & Tomas Wonderful pictures of such a lovely family. Congrats(07.25.2013 11:21am)
  • Alex Dobosi Thanks for sharing !(07.25.2013 11:27am)
  • Esther Great pictures, congratulations & God Bless your family!(07.25.2013 11:40am)
  • Lilia Beautiful pictures! !(07.25.2013 04:58pm)
  • Gabby Amazing family!!!! Love you guys!(07.26.2013 10:53am)
  • Marlen Chavez I LOVE THESE! I want one to update the one I have. MY BOYS, love them so much! <3(07.26.2013 12:09pm)
  • Jose A Gonzalez Hermosos mis hijos.(07.26.2013 05:30pm)
  • Estela Gonzalez Beautiful pictures!(07.29.2013 02:20pm)
  • Sandy Absolutely gorgeous! Great job by both the photographer and the beautiful models! Hope to see you all soon! :)(07.31.2013 03:18pm)

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